Restaurant Information

Bakers Square Bakers Square has closed, so they no longer offer the kids eat free special.

Applebees The Applebees location in Utica cancelled their kids eat free offer, too bad.

Rio Wraps The Ypsilanti location was added, thanks for the update, can't beleive we missed one! Thanks again Washtenaw needs all the help they can get, pretty slim pickin's.

Tom's Coney Island Tom's offers kids eat free and has been added to Oakland county. Many thanks to James for all of the proactive efforts to get more restaurants in northern Oakland county to offer some relief while many of us need it these days!

Leo's Coney Island We called Leo's Coney Island in Lake Orion. They do have a kids night with a clown Tuesdays at the time we called, but they do not offer a kids eat free night only a kids menu. But across town at Tom's Coney Island, you can get kids eat free.

Stir Crazy Added to Oakland county. Stir Crazy is in Great Lakes crossing but offers two free nights each week.

Times Square Times Square periodically offers kids eat free. We checked with the management and they will not offer it in December and did not say when they would offer it again. We only list consitent restaurants, but please check with them on your own if you like the place 248-814-8100.

Pizza Papalis We called and confirmed with the Dearborn store they offer kids eat free Tuesdays. We will call over the next couple days and check with all on duty managers to confirm. If there are too many different stories we will remove the listing. Thanks for the info, but they did confirm the listing. Remeber not all servers are aware of a restaurants policies and we get the info from on site management.

*****IHOP***** We appreciate all the recommendations. However, IHOP has asked to be removed from the list. While some local IHOPs may offer kid eat free, the corporate office told us to remove them, and we respected, not agreed with, their request. Please see below for more details. Please call IHOP to complain if you would like them relisted, we can provide a number upon request.

Big Boy We removed the Madison Heights location from the list. Thanks for the update. We then called every Big Boy on the list and confirmed Novi, Monroe, Belleville, Dearborn, Lincoln Park, and Taylor. Please note, Big Boy's offer is not a corporate thing like Denny's and Rio Wraps so check each location's details as they can be significantly different.

Buffalo Wings and Rings Two locations were added to Macomb. Special thanks to Angela for all her additions! We think of this as a for the community by the community website. We call to make sure places are up to date, but people like Angela, make the site successful. Thanks again!

Italia Gardens We added the Oxford location. Thanks for the updates, we threw the Davison location in as well for those far north Southeast Michiganders.

IHOP Thanks for the heads up on the Livonia IHOP location. However, IHOP's public relations director asked us to remove all listings from our site, so we did. It is unfortunate for the local stores and customers, but we feel we should honor their request. Franchisers and customers please feel free to relay your opinions e-mail IHOP. Owners, managers & franchisers we will forward our communications with corporate if you are interested e-mail Mandy.

Rio Wraps Rio Wraps opened a new location in Troy across from Oakland Mall and was added. There are no longer locations in Commerce & Farmington so they were removed from the list.

IHOP IHOP's six locations have been removed from Oakland, Wayne and Macomb counties.

Applebees The Utica location was added to Macomb county as an almost free with 99 cents kids meals. Calling another 9 Applebees proved that Utica was the only one, thanks.

Grand Traverse Pie Co. Their Troy listing and map were updated, they can be found at Crooks and Maple.

The Lodge A restaurant in Keego Harbor at Middlebelt and Orchard Lake. They offer free kids meals, thanks for the add.

Bennigan's We checked with Bennigans and two are still open and offering kids eat free, Washtenaw and Wayne. We updated the Wayne phone number, we had the fax number sorry. And We also updated Wayne from Tuesday to Monday, but Washtenaw is still on Tuesday. Thanks again.

Kids Eat Free We added this Updates page because we felt we owed people who have made suggestions a response and we don't always get their e-mail. Thanks for all the feedback, and if you want us to solicit a restaurant we'd be happy to, just let us know. In all our calling some places have called us right back from caller ID to ask what we were talking about.

Warren There was a comment about needing more in Warren. There are at least three spots in Warren, and if you don't mind a short drive a few more within 10-20 miles. Some good places too.

Kids Eat Free We aren't currently adding location for Mid-Michigan like East Lansing. But for those who look here, someone suggested Texas Roadhouse and Johnny Rockets both they thought were on Tuesday.

Grand Traverse Pie Co. Great addition. Never been there but they were great on the phone and offer free meals ALL THE TIME! The only down fall is the only participating location is Troy. Maybe the other three Southeast Michigan locations will come around.

Oxford Inn Deleted, to bad too. We love that place. Thanks for the heads up. We hadn't been in a while. When we called they said they had it so we called again, they said they were moving the free day to Sunday. Again we called and pressed for a straight answer and they confirmed it was over. Maybe they'll change their mind one day, til then they have been removed.

Taco Loco Added Utica and Rochester locations, thanks.

Andiamo Added to Wayne county in Dearborn. Only two of the eleven location offer it, Dearborn and Rochester, sorry Macomb, Monroe and Washtenaw, but give them a call a request couldn't hurt, they didn't budge for us.

Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse Added to Northville. Careful because Google mapped it on 9 mile, don't know if other mapping programs have it wrong too. It is at Haggerty and 7 mile, they said they we by Home Depot.

O'Charley's Added to Macomb in Chesterfield. This is an example of a chain with limited participation, the Belleville location does not offer kids eat free.

Kids Eat Free The Free Press apparently listed us at the top of page two. Thanks for all the additional suggestions! If you think it might benefit your local community feel free to suggest the url. The more the merrier.

Rose's Restaurant Added to Canton, thanks for the info!

Bennigan's Deleted from Madison Heights, thanks. They were one of our first adds we got started back in early summer. I understand they have gone bankrupt, that's too bad! May some of the other common staples will pick it up. Feel free to ask restaurants if they do it, or tell us and we can apply some persuasion, it can't hurt.

Logan's Steakhouse Added in Southgate, thanks we missed that one!

Lonestar Steakhouse Added, thanks we added the one in Belleville, and found another participated in Dundee. Chains are always great, unfortunately for some reason they don't all always offer kids eat free.

Cold Stone Creamery Not added. We have called them a couple times. Some of the national sites have them, but all the locations we have contacted in Southeast Michigan only offer a free topping on certain days, but never free ice cream, which doesn't make the cut. We called after the recommendation again and still no's. If you know of a specific place we would be happy to call again.

Guernsey Farms Added in Northville, we didn't know they had a restaurant, thanks!

Kids Eat Free Some restaurants have told us and we have experienced that some will allow more than one free meal, it seems to be server dependant. We have received 3 free meals with just two parents at some of the locations.

Baker's Square Added to Livonia, the meal includes drinks for the kids, some do some don't we didn't collect that info for all of them. Maybe a possible update.

Mama Vicki's Added to Macomb county. They require a $7 adult purchase for every free kids meal, so don't just order a salad.

Kids Eat Free Channel 4 News came over for an interview, thanks for all the additions and feedback. We are happy to consider any recommendations, we're not web designers, but we're learning. Special thanks to Ruth and Channel 4 for getting the word out, we hope it helps some people save a dollar or two!

Kids Eat Free There was a request for Livingston county locations. We have included a couple on the Oakland county site, but we didn't find many. If there are enough we would be happy to add a site. Until then we will just tack them on Oakland county. (I know they're Southeast Michigan, we'll wait and see what happens).

Harvest Moon Added to Washtenaw county in Ypsilanti, thanks.

Terry's Terrace Added to Harrison Township in Macomb county, thanks.

Kids Eat Free We added a lot of county border restaurants to both counties so if you live near a county border you can stick to your county. We tried to stay within 1 mile of the border, hope this helps, thanks for the suggestion.

Da Francesco Added to Shelby Township, there zip code puts them in Utica, but we put the listing as Shelby Township, thanks.

Stoney Creek Road House Added to Shelby Township, thanks.

McDonalds Added to Washtenaw county, almost free $1.50 happy meals.